How to Add Multiple Users to Simplisafe

Adding multiple users to your Simplisafe system allows your family members, roommates, or trusted individuals to have access to your home security. This can be particularly useful for sharing the responsibilities of watching over your property and responding to alerts.

How to Add Multiple Users to Simplisafe

By following a few straightforward steps on how to add multiple users to simplisafe, you can easily manage access and ensure that everyone who needs to be, is securely connected to your Simplisafe system. This guide will walk you through the process, making it simple to add, modify, or remove users as necessary.

What is Simplisafe

Simplisafe is a DIY home security system that offers customizable packages and professional monitoring services.

It allows users to monitor and control their system remotely via a smartphone app, making it easy to keep an eye on your home from anywhere. Simplisafe also offers features such as video surveillance, smart home integration, and environmental sensors for added protection.

You can choose from different package options depending on your specific needs and budget. The system is wireless, making it easy to install without any drilling or wiring required. Simplisafe also has a backup battery in case of power outages, ensuring continuous protection for your home.

Necessary Equipment

To add multiple users to your Simplisafe system, you will need the following equipment:

Simplisafe Base Station:

The core of your home security system communicates with all the other devices. It also acts as a siren and has a backup battery.

Simplisafe Keypad:

Used to arm, disarm, and access the settings of your system. Each user will need their own keypad code.

Simplisafe Entry Sensors:

These are placed on doors and windows to detect if they are opened or closed.

Simplisafe Motion Sensor:

This sensor detects motion within its range and can trigger an alert if it senses movement when your system is armed.

9 Step-by-step Guidelines on How to Add Multiple Users to Simplisafe

Step 1: Log into Your Simplisafe Account

Log Into Your Simplisafe Account

To begin adding multiple users to your Simplisafe system, you’ll need to log into your Simplisafe account. This can be done through the Simplisafe website or mobile app. Open your preferred browser and go to the Simplisafe login page, or launch the Simplisafe app on your smartphone.

Enter your registered email address and password, then click “Log In” to access your account dashboard. If you have forgotten your password, use the “Forgot Password” link to reset it. Once logged in, you can proceed with the steps to manage user access.

Although Simplisafe allows for multiple users, there can only be one primary account holder. So, if you are setting up the system for the first time, make sure to use your personal email as the primary account.

Step 2: Navigate to User Management

Once you have successfully logged into your Simplisafe account, the next step is to navigate to the User Management section. From your account dashboard, look for a menu or settings icon, typically represented by three lines or a gear symbol. Click on this icon to reveal a dropdown menu.

In this menu, you should see an option labeled “User Management” or “Manage Users.” Select this option to proceed to the user management interface, where you can add, modify, or remove users from your Simplisafe system. This interface allows you to easily control who has access to your security system and set individual permissions for each user.

Step 3: Add a New User

Once you are in the User Management section, you will see an option to add a new user. This option is typically marked with a button labeled “Add User” or a “+” icon. Click on this button to begin the process of adding a new user to your Simplisafe system.

A form will appear where you can enter the new user’s information. You will need to provide their first and last name, as well as their email address. The email address is used to send an invitation to the new user, so make sure it is correct. You can also choose whether they should have access to arm/disarm the system and receive alerts.

Step 4: Assign a Keypad Code

Next, you will need to assign a unique keypad code for the new user. This code will be used by the user to arm or disarm the system and access settings through their Simplisafe keypad. It’s essential that each user has their own personal code for added security and accountability.

Assign a Unique Keypad Code

You can either let Simplisafe generate a random four-digit code or create one yourself. If you choose to create your own code, make sure it is something easy for the user to remember but not too obvious.

Step 5: Choose Access Level

After assigning a keypad code, you can now choose the level of access for the new user. Simplisafe allows for two access levels: “Full” and “Guest.”

A “Full” access level means that the user has complete control over your security system, just like the primary account holder. They can arm and disarm the system, receive alerts, and make changes to settings. This level of access is typically assigned to trusted individuals who live in your home.

On the other hand, a “Guest” access level gives limited control to users. They can only arm/disarm the system but cannot make any changes to settings or receive alerts. This level of access is ideal for guests, house sitters, or temporary users.

Choose the appropriate access level for the new user and proceed to the next step.

Step 6: Review and Confirm

After you have entered all the necessary information and assigned the appropriate access level for the new user, take a moment to review the details. Ensure that the user’s name, email address, keypad code, and access level are all correct.

This step is crucial to avoid any errors that might give unauthorized individuals access to your Simplisafe system or hinder the new user’s ability to operate it effectively.

If everything looks accurate, click the “Confirm” or “Save” button to finalize the addition of the new user. Simplisafe will then send an invitation email to the new user, containing instructions on how to set up their account and use the system.

Keep an eye out for any confirmation messages or prompts that indicate the new user has been successfully added. Once confirmed, the new user should be able to log in and access your Simplisafe system using the permissions you’ve set.

Step 7: Edit or Remove Users

Simply Find the User

If you need to make changes to a user’s information or access level, you can do so from the User Management section. Simply find the user in the list and click on their name to bring up their details. From here, you can edit their name, email address, keypad code, and access level.

To remove a user entirely from your Simplisafe system, select the user and look for an option labeled “Remove” or an icon resembling a trash bin. Click on this option and confirm the removal when prompted. Keep in mind that removing a user will also delete any personalized settings they may have set up.

Step 8: Add Multiple Users

Simplisafe facilitates the addition of multiple users to your security system in a streamlined manner. To do this, return to the User Management section where you previously added a single user. Instead of adding users one by one, you may see an option labeled “Add Multiple Users” or a “Bulk Add” button. Click on this button to begin the process.

A form or upload option will appear, allowing you to input multiple users’ information simultaneously. If using a form, you’ll enter the first and last names, email addresses, and desired access levels for all new users.

Alternatively, you may be prompted to upload a CSV file containing this information. Be sure to follow the specified format when preparing your CSV file to ensure a smooth upload process.

After entering or uploading the required information, you may also be given the option to assign unique keypad codes for each user. You can choose to let Simplisafe generate these codes automatically or input custom codes for each new user.

Step 9: Manage User Permissions

In addition to assigning access levels for each user, Simplisafe also allows you to manage individual permissions for specific features or devices on your system. This level of control enables you to limit a user’s access to certain areas of your home or restrict their ability to control specific devices.

To manage permissions for a user, go to the User Management section and select the user you wish to edit. Look for an option labeled “Permissions” or an icon resembling a lock with a key. Click on this option to view all available permissions for that user.

Resembling a Lock With a Key

From here, you can toggle individual permissions on or off, depending on what you want the user to be able to access. For example, if you only want them to arm/disarm the system but not have access to any other settings, make sure all other permissions are turned off except for “Arming/Disarming.”

Following these steps on how to add multiple users to simplisafe, you can easily add and manage users on your Simplisafe security system. By providing different levels of access and permissions, you can ensure the safety and functionality of your home while also giving trusted individuals the ability to operate the system when needed.

So go ahead and invite your family, friends, or temporary guests to join the Simplisafe community and enjoy a more secure home together. Just remember to always review and confirm user detail changes to avoid any potential issues.

Troubleshooting Multi-User Setup Issues

Even with SimpliSafe’s user-friendly interface, you may encounter occasional issues when setting up multiple users. Here are some common problems and their solutions:

Issue 1: User Not Receiving Invitation Email

If a new user does not receive the invitation email, first check to ensure that the email address you entered is correct. If the email address is accurate, ask the user to check their spam or junk email folder. If the email can’t be found, try resending the invitation by going to the User Management section, selecting the user, and clicking “Resend Invitation.”

Issue 2: Unable to Add New Users

In case you are unable to add new users, verify that you have not exceeded the maximum number of users allowed on your Simplisafe plan. Simplisafe plans have different limits on the number of users you can add, so review your plan details and consider upgrading if necessary. Also, ensure that your internet connection is stable, as interruptions can impact the user addition process.

Issue 3: Incorrect Access Level or Permissions

If a user is unable to perform certain actions due to incorrect access levels or permissions, revisit the User Management section and review the assigned access level and permissions. Ensure that the user has the required permissions to perform the desired actions. Adjust any settings as necessary and save the changes.

Issue 4: Keypad Code Not Working

If a user’s keypad code is not functioning, confirm that the code was entered correctly during the setup process. Check for any accidental spaces or incorrect digits. You can edit the keypad code from the User Management section by selecting the user and updating their code. Make sure the new code is saved and test it to confirm it works.

Issue 5: Permissions Not Updating

When permissions do not appear to update correctly, ensure that all changes were fully saved and that the user has logged out and back into their account to refresh the permission settings. Check for any pending updates on your Simplisafe system and apply them as needed. If problems persist, contact Simplisafe support for further assistance.

By addressing these common issues, you can ensure a smooth and efficient multi-user setup process with Simplisafe. Proper troubleshooting can help maintain the security and functionality of your system, allowing all users to operate it effectively.

Safety Considerations and Best Practices

Implementing a security system like Simplisafe is an essential step toward protecting your home, but it’s equally important to follow safety considerations and best practices to maximize its effectiveness. Here are some crucial guidelines:

Regular System Updates

Simplisafe System is Always Up-to-date

Ensure your Simplisafe system is always up-to-date with the latest firmware. Regular updates can provide enhanced security features and fix vulnerabilities, ensuring your system remains robust against potential threats.

Secure Your Keypad Codes

Change your keypad codes periodically and avoid using easily guessable combinations like “1234” or “0000.” Inform users to keep their codes confidential and avoid writing them down in obvious locations.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

For an added layer of security, enable two-factor authentication on your Simplisafe account. This requires users to verify their identity using a secondary method, such as a code sent to their phone, making unauthorized access more difficult.

Monitor Activity Logs

Regularly review the activity logs available in your Simplisafe dashboard. Monitoring who has armed or disarmed the system and when can help you identify any unusual activity or potential security breaches.

Educate Users

Ensure that all users are thoroughly educated on how to operate the system and understand the importance of maintaining security protocols. This includes knowing how to respond to alerts and understanding what actions to take in the event of a system breach.

Emergency Contacts

Keep your emergency contacts up to date in your Simplisafe system. These contacts can be crucial in alerting authorities or handling emergencies when you’re not available.

 Emergency Contacts Up to Date

Conduct Routine Tests

Perform periodic tests of your security system to ensure all sensors, cameras, and alarms are functioning correctly. Simplisafe provides guidelines on how to conduct these tests, which can be found in the user manual or the online support section.

By adhering to these safety considerations and best practices, you can significantly enhance the security provided by your Simplisafe system, ensuring comprehensive protection for your home and loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Many Users Can I Add to My Simplisafe Security System?

Simplisafe allows you to add as many users as you need to your security system. There is no strict limit on the number of users you can create, which means you can tailor the system to accommodate all the members of your household, as well as trusted guests, house sitters, or temporary visitors.

This flexibility ensures that everyone who needs access to your Simplisafe system can have it, with appropriate permissions and access levels to suit their role. Just remember to manage each user’s permissions carefully to maintain the security and integrity of your home.

Q: Can I Add Users Remotely?

Add Users to Your Simplisafe System

Yes, you can add users to your Simplisafe system remotely, as long as you have access to the account and the necessary information. Simply log in to your Simplisafe account from a computer or mobile device and follow the steps outlined above to add a new user. You may also be able to add multiple users at once using the “Add Multiple Users” option.

Q: Can I Change User Access Levels After Adding Them?

Yes, you can change a user’s access level at any time by going to the User Management section and editing their details. Keep in mind that any changes made will only take effect after the user confirms them through their invitation email and logs into their Simplisafe account.

You can also revoke a user’s access entirely by removing them from the system, as described in Step 7 above. This action will delete their personalized settings and permissions as well.

Q: Can I Control Which Devices or Features Each User Can Access?

Yes, you can manage individual permissions for each user on your Simplisafe system. This means that you can restrict certain users from accessing particular devices or features while allowing them to control others. For example, you may want to prevent a guest from using your smart lock but still give them the ability to arm/disarm the security system.

Using Your Smart Lock

By carefully managing user permissions, you can ensure that everyone has appropriate levels of access while maintaining the overall safety and functionality of your home. 

So go ahead and add those users to your Simplisafe security system with confidence, knowing that you have full control over their access and permission levels.  Keep your home secure and connected with Simplisafe, the trusted name in home security.  Happy protecting!


Congratulations! You have successfully added a new user to your Simplisafe system. This feature allows you to give trusted individuals access to your security system without giving them full control over it.

By following these steps on how to add multiple users to simplisafe, you can easily manage and customize user access for added convenience and safety. Remember to regularly review and update user permissions as needed to ensure the security of your home. Happy securing with Simplisafe! 

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