How to Get Ikea Plastic Cam Locks Out

Are you struggling to remove an Ikea plastic cam lock? If so, you’ve come to the right place! This blog will provide a step-by-step guide on how to get Ikea plastic cam locks out. With this guide, you’ll be able to quickly and safely remove the lock without damaging your furniture or causing further frustration. Let’s get started!

How to Get Ikea Plastic Cam Locks Out

What is a Plastic Cam Lock?

Before we dive into the removal process, it is important to understand what a plastic cam lock is. A plastic cam lock is a type of fastening mechanism commonly used in flat-pack furniture, such as those sold at Ikea. It consists of two parts – the cam and the locking nut. The cam is a circular or triangular-shaped piece with ridges that fit into the corresponding grooves in the locking nut, creating a secure connection.

You may encounter plastic cam locks in various types of furniture, including bookcases, wardrobes, and cabinets. They are designed to be easily assembled and disassembled without the need for any tools. However, sometimes they can be tricky to remove, especially if they have been installed too tightly or if there is excess glue or debris blocking the lock.

Why Does an Ikea Plastic Cam Lock Get Stuck?

Ikea plastic cam locks are straightforward yet reliable solutions for cabinets and drawers, keeping them secure and inaccessible to those who don’t know the combination. However, these locks are known to get stuck from time to time.

A stuck Ikea cam lock can be caused by several factors, including poor installation, a worn-out tumbler, or excessive dirt inside the lock preventing it from turning smoothly. The plastic cam locks could be damaged or worn out due to prolonged use. Lastly, if the user has been removing the lock often, its locking mechanisms may have weakened and no longer fit securely enough to prevent it from opening.

Fortunately, there are ways to fix this issue without replacing the entire lock. Applying lubrication oil carefully on the lock’s inner parts can make it turn as good as new; however, if this doesn’t help, you might need a tool to open or reset it manually.

Can You Get Ikea Plastic Cam Locks Out?

Ikea plastic cam locks are popular for securing drawers and cabinets, but some people might wonder if it is possible to “get them out,” meaning undo the locking mechanism.

Connected to Your Piece of Furniture

Thankfully, the answer is yes! Although these locks may look intimidating, with the right tools and step-by-step instructions, you can successfully remove them from your furniture.

All that is required is a Phillips head screwdriver and an Allen wrench (or similar tool). Then, with a bit of patience and following the instructions correctly, it can be done without damaging the furniture or concluding that utter destruction was necessary to get rid of the lock.

Why You Need to Get Ikea Plastic Cam Locks Out

If managing and keeping your home, office, or shop secure is a priority for you, then Ikea plastic cam locks are ideal solutions. With their high-security and quality build, these locks help keep your possessions safe by providing an effective way to deter burglars.

Not only that, but they come with the added benefit of being easy to install, customizable to fit any door size, and extremely cost-efficient since they can easily be reused from door to door without having to purchase new ones every time.

They also provide improved convenience as keys can quickly be duplicated for easier access for multiple people when needed. Therefore, if you want a secure lock system that provides quick and cost-efficient installation solutions with minimal hassle, then an Ikea plastic cam lock should definitely be on your list of security measures.

9 Steps to Follow on How to Get Ikea Plastic Cam Locks Out

Step 1: Locate the Lock Release Button

Before attempting to remove the plastic cam lock, it is essential that you locate the release button first. The release button should be located on the reverse side of the lock, near where it connects with your piece of furniture. Once you have located it, press down firmly until you hear a click. This will release the lock from its locked position and allow you to remove it.

Step 2: Pull Outwards

Once you have activated the release button, pull outwards from where the lock is attached. Depending on how tight the lock is in place, you may need to use a bit more force. Keep pulling until it comes out completely. If it is still stuck, try wiggling it back and forth while pulling. You can also try using a pair of pliers to grip and pull the lock out. The key is to be patient and gentle to avoid damaging the furniture.

Installing Ikea's Plastic Cam Locks

Step 3: Remove the Remaining Parts

After successfully removing the plastic cam lock, the remaining parts may be connected to your piece of furniture. To finish removing these parts, simply unscrew them using either a flathead screwdriver or a Phillips head screwdriver, depending on what type of screws they are using. Once all pieces have been removed, your piece of furniture should now be unlocked!

Step 4: Reinstall New Lock

If you want to replace the lock with a new one, simply follow the same steps as before, but switch the order. Begin by securing the screws in place first and then adjust how tight or loose the lock should be depending on how much security you’d like for your furniture. But if you only wish to reinstall the same lock, simply skip this step and proceed to put it back in place.

Step 5: Test the Lock

Once everything is in place, it’s time to test how secure the new lock is. To do this, simply try locking and unlocking it a few times to make sure that there are no issues with how it functions. If all goes well, your furniture should be securely locked with a brand-new Ikea plastic cam lock! The best part is you did it all without having to call for help or spend any extra money.

Step 6: Replace the Parts

If you’ve removed additional parts while removing the old lock, now would be the time to replace them. First, simply screw all the pieces back in place with either a flathead or Phillips head screwdriver, depending on the type of screws they use. But if you only removed the lock, then simply skip this step and proceed to the final step.

Step 9: Enjoy Your Secure Furniture

Once all the steps have been completed, your furniture should be securely locked with an Ikea plastic cam lock! You can now rest easy knowing that your possessions are safe and secure without worrying about any potential burglars breaking in. It’s always a good idea to regularly check and maintain your locks, so make sure to do so for optimal security.

That’s it! You’ve now learned how to get Ikea plastic cam locks out. With these steps in mind, you’ll be able to safely and easily remove existing locks and replace them with new ones for improved security and convenience. So why wait? Get your locks changed today!

Inserting the Screwdriver Into the Lock

Things You Need to Know Before Getting Ikea Plastic Cam Locks Out

Installing Ikea’s plastic cam locks can be a great way to secure your cabinets, drawers, and furniture from curious hands or potential intruders. But before diving in, remember some things when you’re ready to shop for the perfect lock. You’ll need to have a Phillips head screwdriver and an Allen wrench (or similar tool) on hand for installation. Make sure you have the correct tools before beginning the process to avoid frustration or any potential damage.

Installing Ikea’s Plastic Cam Locks

First, take note of the length of time, if any, that the lock will need to remain on the job – Ikea has two types of plastic cam locks that last anywhere between one hour to three years, depending on your needs.

Next, consider the different key and mounting options to get precisely what you plan on locking and how easily it can be removed if necessary.

Finally, make sure you pick up enough cam locks for all those pieces of furniture you need to be secured! Again, completing your homework will ensure a successful installation process.

Benefits of Getting Ikea Plastic Cam Locks Out

Upgrading a home security system is a great way to help protect valued belongings. If it’s time to make some changes, consider investing in Ikea plastic cam locks!

They provide homeowners with an extra layer of security and protection and are also very affordable and easy to install. Whether replacing existing hardware or adding new hardware, these cam locks from Ikea are designed to be adjustable, suiting any door thickness no matter how old the hardware might be.

Installation takes mere minutes, and with a range of sizes available, the perfect fit for any home is easy to find. In addition, Ikea plastic cam locks are must-haves for anyone looking to upgrade their home security, perfect for cupboards and cabinets and larger doors such as shed doors and other external spaces.

6 Common Mistakes People Make When Trying to Get Ikea Plastic Cam Locks Out

1. Not Applying Enough Pressure

When trying to remove an Ikea plastic cam lock, it is important to apply enough pressure. If you do not apply enough pressure, the lock will not budge, and you will not be able to remove it. Make sure to press down firmly on the release button and pull outwards with a bit of force.

2. Applying Too Much Pressure

However, if you apply too much pressure, you risk breaking the lock. Therefore, do so slowly and steadily when applying pressure until you feel the lock give. If it still doesn’t budge, try adjusting the amount of pressure to find the right balance.

3. Not Using the Proper Tools

Another common mistake people make when trying to remove an Ikea plastic cam lock is not using the proper tools. You will need a flathead screwdriver and a hammer to remove the lock. Make sure to have these tools on hand before attempting to remove the lock. Using the wrong tools can damage the lock or cause injury.

4. Trying to Remove the Lock Without the Screwdriver

If you try to remove the lock without the screwdriver, you will likely damage the lock beyond repair. The screwdriver must loosen the screws that hold the lock in place. Without it, you may end up causing more harm than good.

5. Not Inserting the Screwdriver in the Proper Place

Inserting the Screwdriver Into the Lock

When inserting the screwdriver into the lock, it is important to insert it properly. If you do not insert it properly, you will be unable to loosen the screws and remove the lock. Make sure to insert the screwdriver into the small hole near the bottom of the lock.

6. Stripping the Screws

One final mistake people often make when trying to remove an Ikea plastic cam lock is stripping the screws. This occurs when too much pressure is applied when loosening the screws and can damage both the screws and the lock itself. To avoid this, make sure to apply steady and controlled pressure when using the screwdriver. 

Can You Pick Open an Ikea Cam Lock with A Paper Clip?

Picking an Ikea cam lock with a paper clip may sound like an impossible feat, but it is not! Using nothing but the trusty office supply can help you out of tight spots if you ever find yourself locked out of your furniture.

A few turns and some tensioning will give you access to those lost Allen keys or the just-out-of-reach Swedish treats stored inside. It may be tricky, but with a bit of practice and patience, anyone can get past that little latch without calling for a locksmith. So go ahead, grab a paper clip and unlock the mysteries locked into that Ikea furniture!

Does Cutting Off the Head of The Ikea Lock Work to Get It Unlocked?

While it may seem like a promising idea, cutting off the head of an Ikea lock will not get it unlocked. The lock consists of several components designed to work in combination with one another, so you would need an appropriate key or code to unlock the lock.

The same is true even if the head is removed; without being able to access the inner components of the lock, it will remain locked regardless. There are specialized tools out there that can be used to unlock the locks, but they should generally only be used with professional guidance and experience.

Picking an Ikea Cam Lock With a Paper Clip

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can Ikea Plastic Cam Locks Be Used for Outdoor Furniture?

A: Yes, they are suitable for outdoor use as long as the lock is properly installed and maintained. You may want to consider using a weather-resistant coating or sealant on the lock to ensure its longevity. You can also opt for stainless steel or other rust-resistant materials if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions. The key and mounting options should also be considered to ensure easy removal if needed.

Q: Can I Reuse Ikea Plastic Cam Locks?

A: Yes, as long as the lock is still in good condition and has not been damaged. You can easily remove it from one piece of furniture and use it on another, as long as the dimensions are compatible. But keep in mind that the more you remove and reinstall a lock, the weaker it may become over time. Consider replacing locks if they show signs of wear and tear.

Q: Can I Replace My Existing Locks with Ikea Plastic Cam Locks?

A: Yes, you can replace your existing locks with Ikea plastic cam locks as long as the dimensions and style of the lock are compatible. Make sure to measure and compare the sizes before purchasing to ensure a proper fit. If you are unsure, consult with a professional or customer service representative from Ikea for assistance.

Q: Are Ikea Plastic Cam Locks Secure?

A: Yes, while not as heavy-duty as some other types of locks, Ikea plastic cam locks provide an extra layer of security for your furniture. They are tamper-resistant and can only be removed with a specific tool or key, making them difficult for potential thieves to bypass. However, it is always recommended to practice proper safety measures and not rely solely on locks for security.  It is important to properly secure your home and belongings as a whole.  

Q: How Do I Find Replacement Keys for My Ikea Plastic Cam Locks?

A: If you have lost or misplaced the key to your Ikea plastic cam lock, you can purchase a replacement from Ikea. You will need to provide them with the key code that is stamped on the back of the lock. If you are unable to locate this code, a locksmith may be able to help you open the lock and create a replacement key. It is also recommended that a spare key be kept in case of emergencies.


Removing an Ikea plastic cam lock doesn’t have to be difficult – just follow this simple three-step guide, and you’ll be able to unlock your piece of furniture in no time! Just remember – always make sure that you locate and activate the lock release button before attempting to pull outwards from where it is attached.

If done correctly, this method should help ensure that both your furniture and yourself remain safe during the removal process. Thanks for reading our post about how to get Ikea plastic cam locks out

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