How to Lock Hotel Door With Hanger

Do you ever worry about your hotel room not being secure? Do have solutions to take extra measures for your safety while traveling? If so, then this blog post is perfect for you. Here, we will discuss a simple and cost-effective way to lock a hotel door—using a hanger!

By following the steps laid out in this post, you can learn how to properly lock a hotel door with just an ordinary hanger that might be found in your closet or can be taken from the room itself. So keep reading and learn all there is to know about how to lock hotel door with hanger.

In this post, we’ll break down the simple steps needed to do just that! By following these instructions, you can boost your security while traveling without having to worry about expensive locks or other inconvenient methods of entry protection. Keep reading for tips on making sure any hotel door stays secure no matter what’s outside it.

How to Lock Hotel Door With Hanger

Why May You Want to Lock Hotel Door With Hanger?

1. To Provide Some Extra Security

One of the reasons why you may want to use a hanger to lock your hotel door is for added security. If you are staying in an unfamiliar place or have valuables in your room, it may be a good idea to secure the entrance as much as possible. By using a hanger as an additional layer of protection, you can rest assured knowing that you will not be disturbed in the middle of the night.

2. To Replace a Lost or Forgotten Key

If you have misplaced your hotel room key or forgotten it at home, you may want to find another way to lock your door. Using a hanger is an easy and inexpensive solution that can provide peace of mind for those moments when you may not have access to a key.

3. To Avoid Unwanted Visitors

If you are staying in a hotel that is known for having noisy guests, using a hanger to lock your door can help keep out those who may be looking to crash the party. With this extra layer of security, you can rest easy knowing that no one will be able to enter without your permission.

Using a Hanger to Lock 
Your Door Can Help

In conclusion, if you are looking for an easy and affordable way to lock your hotel door, using a hanger is the perfect solution. With added security, peace of mind when you have lost or forgotten your key, and as a precaution against unwanted visitors, this simple trick can make all the difference in ensuring that your stay is comfortable and safe.

How to Lock Hotel Door With Hanger in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Find a large, heavy-duty hanger

This is the most important part of this process and will ensure that your hotel door is securely locked. Make sure to find something sturdy and long enough to reach from the top of the door to its handle.

Step 2: Open the Door and Slide the Hanger Through the Frame

Slide one end of the hanger through the metal part of the door that connects to its handle on the other side, then thread it up over or around whatever is blocking it. Also make sure the hanger is secure and won’t slip out.

Step 3: Bend the Hanger to Create a Hook

The hook should be bent at a 90-degree angle so that it can lock securely into the door frame. This will prevent anyone from opening the door from outside. You have to be careful not to break the hanger and make sure it is bent properly.

Step 4: Hook the Hanger Around Something Secure

Hook the hanger around a piece of furniture or other object that won’t move easily, such as a bedpost, dresser, or nightstand. This will ensure that even if someone attempts to enter from outside, they won’t be able to open the door.

Hook the Hanger Around 
A Piece of Furniture

Step 5: Test the Lock and Check for Security

Once you have hooked the hanger around something secure, test it out by trying to open the door from outside. If you can’t open it, then your hotel door is now securely locked with a hanger! It’s important to double-check for security before you leave, as well.

By following these five simple steps, you can easily and securely lock your hotel door with a hanger! It’s a great way to increase your safety while traveling and will give you peace of mind knowing that your room is secure. Be sure to practice this technique and make sure it works properly before leaving the room. Have a safe and enjoyable trip!

Some Extra Tips to Lock Hotel Door With Hanger

1. Avoid Using Hangers That Are Made From Metals

This is very important as metal hangers can easily bend or break. Opt for sturdy plastic or wooden hangers instead to ensure a secure connection. Also, avoid using hangers with sharp edges or points that may scratch the door or cause damage to it.

2. Use Multiple Hangers

Using multiple hangers on the same door can help increase security and prevent break-ins. When you choose multiple hangers, opt for different sizes to provide more stability and make sure that all of them are securely fastened.

Use Multiple Hangers

3. Reinforce Your Lock With a Chair or a Table

If you’re using multiple hangers, then reinforce the lock by placing a chair or table next to the door for added security. This will prevent intruders from entering your room by making it difficult to pry open the door even with professional tools and equipment.

4. Check The Hangers Regularly

It’s important to inspect all the hangers regularly for any signs of wear and tear. If you notice them starting to bend or break, replace them immediately with new ones. This will ensure that your lock is secure at all times.

5. Double Check The Lock Before Going Out

Before you leave your room, double-check that the door is locked with the hangers. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your room is secure even when you’re away.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your hotel door stays securely locked with a hanger for as long as needed. Make sure to inspect your lock regularly and replace any worn-out hangers immediately for maximum security.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Precautions Should I Take When Locking My Hotel Door With a Hanger?

When locking your hotel door with a hanger, it is important to take a few precautions for added security. Make sure the hanger fits snugly around the knob and won’t come off easily if someone attempts to open the door from outside. Anchor the hanger in place by looping it around the knob and back into itself. Additionally, when you are away from your room, make sure to keep important belongings out of sight and secure any valuables in a safe or other secure location.

Does Locking My Hotel Door With a Hanger Guarantee It Will Stay Locked?

No, using a hanger to lock your hotel door does not guarantee that it will stay locked. It is possible for someone to remove the hanger and gain access to your room if they are determined enough. Therefore, it’s important to use additional security measures such as a door stop or locking bar in conjunction with the hanger method to ensure additional protection.

Are There Other Ways to Lock My Hotel Door Securely?

Yes, there are other ways to lock your hotel door securely. Consider using a door stop or locking bar in addition to the hanger method for added protection. You can also consider installing your own lock on the door for extra security. Additionally, if you are worried about leaving valuables in the room while away, consider renting a hotel safe and securing items inside it.

What Should I Do If My Hotel Room Door Will Not Lock?

If the lock on your hotel room door will not lock, contact the front desk immediately and request a different room. In some cases, you may be able to repair the lock yourself using a screwdriver or other tool. However, it is recommended to leave this task up to a professional locksmith to ensure proper functioning and security.

Can I Use a Hanger To Lock My Hotel Door From the Inside?

Yes, a hanger can be used to lock your hotel door from the inside. Simply slide the hanger around the knob on the inside of the door and use it to secure the latch in place. However, this method should only be used if you are in the room since it is not effective for keeping people out from the outside. Additionally, use additional security measures such as a door stop or locking bar for added protection.


To conclude, being able to lock your hotel door with a hanger is an incredibly useful skill to have while traveling. It’s often overlooked, but knowing this trick can truly benefit you in the long run. Not only does it ensure complete security of your belongings but also adds an extra layer of protection for yourself. Plus, it only takes a few simple steps and costs absolutely nothing! 

Once you’ve learned how to do it, make sure you practice regularly so you won’t forget. Staying safe on vacation is always important – now that you know how to lock hotel door with hanger, your travels will be even more secure and enjoyable!

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