How to Lock Tesla with Key Card

Securing your Tesla with a key card is a fundamental aspect of electric vehicle ownership, providing both convenience and peace of mind. Understanding how to lock tesla with key card ensures the safety of your vehicle and its contents. In this guide, we will explore the straightforward process of locking your Tesla using a key card, highlighting the steps and features that contribute to a secure experience.

How to Lock Tesla with Key Card

From activating the locking mechanism to verifying its engagement, we’ll cover the essential aspects that ensure your Tesla remains protected. Whether you’re a new Tesla owner or seeking a refresher on this key security feature, join us as we navigate the realm of locking your Tesla with a key card, offering insights that will empower you to confidently secure your electric vehicle in various situations.

The Tesla Key Card and Its Features

If you’re a Tesla driver, then you know that the key card is an essential part of your vehicle. However, do you actually know what it does and how to use it? This guide will explain everything you need to know about the Tesla key card, from locking and unlocking the car to its other features.

The Tesla Key Card offers several convenient features designed to make your experience with Tesla easier. It allows you to lock and unlock the car from up to 10 feet away, so you no longer have to fumble around for your keys in the dark. You can even use it as a remote control, allowing you to open or close your windows and sunroof while standing outside the vehicle.

The card also serves as an added layer of security. It contains a unique authentication code that is only recognized by your vehicle, so no one else can access it with their own Tesla key card. This means you don’t have to worry about anyone stealing your car!

In order to use the Tesla Key Card, just hold it near the door handle and press the button. The Tesla will then unlock and you can enter the vehicle. To lock it again, press the button once more or simply walk away without pressing anything. Your car will automatically lock itself after a few seconds.

 Hold It Near the Door Handle

The key card also has some other neat features that you may not be aware of. With the app, you can program up to three cards so multiple people can access the same vehicle. This is great if you’re sharing your car with family members or friends. You can also use it to track how many people have accessed the vehicle and when they did so, giving you an extra layer of security.

Importance of Knowing How to Lock a Tesla Using the Key Card

Locking your Tesla is an important part of vehicle security and requires you to use the key card that came with your car. Knowing how to lock a Tesla using the key card will ensure your car is secure, no matter where it’s parked.

The key card provided with every Tesla model contains two buttons one black button and one white button. Pressing the black button will lock all doors, and pressing the white button will unlock them.

You can use your key card to lock or unlock your Tesla from outside the vehicle. To do this, simply point the key card towards the driver-side door handle and press either the black or white button as needed. You will then hear an audible confirmation that your locks are activated or deactivated.

You can also use your key card to lock or unlock the doors from within the vehicle. To do this, press and hold either the black or white button on the card for two seconds; you will then hear an audible confirmation that your locks have been activated or deactivated.

It’s important to note that if you have an automatic door lock enabled, your Tesla will automatically lock when you walk away from the vehicle. This means that if you don’t have a key card on you, you’ll need to manually unlock the doors in order to get back in.

Knowing how to use your key card correctly is vital for keeping your Tesla secure and safe. Make sure you always have your key card with you and familiarize yourself with its functions, before locking your Tesla.

Use Your Key Card Correctly

10 Methods on How to Lock Tesla with Key Card

1. Insert the Key Card into the Driver’s Side Door Handle

The first step to locking your Tesla is to insert your key card into the driver’s side door handle. This will activate the locking mechanism and will ensure that your car is secure. Once you have inserted the key card, you can press down on the door handle to lock it.

2. Press Down on the Door Handle

Once the key card has been inserted, you can press down on the door handle to lock your Tesla. The door handle should click and then stay in a downward position, indicating that it is locked. If you are having trouble locking your Tesla, make sure that the key card is properly inserted and that you are pressing down firmly on the door handle.

3. Check for an LED Light

After pressing down on the door handle, check for an LED light near the interior of your Tesla. This light should be green if your car is locked or red if it is unlocked. If you do not see a green light, try pushing down on the door handle again to make sure it has fully engaged with the locking mechanism.

4. Use Your Phone App

If you have a smartphone, you can also use your phone app to lock and unlock your Tesla from anywhere in the range of its Bluetooth connection. To do this, open up your Tesla app and select “lock” or “unlock” from within its menu options depending on what action you would like to take with regards to your vehicle’s security system.

5. Use Voice Command

You can also use voice commands to lock and unlock your Tesla using Alexa or Google Home devices connected with its Bluetooth system as well as through its built-in voice recognition feature which allows users to control their vehicle by speaking commands into their phones or other compatible devices via Bluetooth connection such as Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistants.

6. Use Key Fob

Another way to lock and unlock your Tesla is by using a key fob which comes included with many models of Teslas including Model S, X, and 3 vehicles. To use this method, simply press either button located on top of the fob while standing close enough for signal reception. You should hear a beeping sound indicating the successful operation of the locking/unlocking feature.

7. Use Smart Summon Feature

Tesla owners can also utilize its Smart Summon feature which allows them to remotely call their vehicles from parking spots up to 200 feet away from where they are standing. This feature is activated by pressing a button located inside of the car’s app or through voice command when paired with a compatible device such as Amazon Echo or Google Home.

8. Utilize Sentry Mode

Sentry mode adds an extra layer of security for those who want more protection for their cars when parked. It utilizes multiple cameras around the car’s exterior which monitor the surroundings while the car is parked in order to detect any suspicious activity such as someone trying to break in or tamper with the vehicle. If something suspicious does occur, sentry mode will alert the owner via mobile application so they can take necessary action.

9. Activate the Pin Code Entry System

In addition, some Teslas come equipped with a pin code entry system which requires the user to enter a unique four-digit code before unlocking doors. This helps prevent unauthorized access since only a person who knows the code will be able to gain entry into the car without having a physical key present at the time.

10 Utilize the Geofencing Feature

Finally, the geofencing feature uses GPS technology to track the location of cars so owners know where their vehicles are at all times even when not physically present near them. Geofencing also alerts owners if their cars move outside the designated area set by users in order to help protect against theft attempts made while the vehicle is unattended.

Uses Gps Technology to Track the Location


In conclusion, learning how to lock Tesla with Key Card is a great way to improve the security of your Tesla. Not only will it make sure that no one can get into your vehicle and take anything, but it can provide an extra layer of peace-of-mind for when you are not able to be in the car with it – or even close by it. It doesn’t matter which model you have – all Teslas have this feature that can easily be accessed through the key card.

Knowing how to use this feature and taking appropriate precautions while driving will help keep your car safe. So if you haven’t enabled Tesla’s Key Card yet, go ahead and try it out! With just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to lock Tesla with Key Card confidently whenever necessary.

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