How to Reset Kwikset Smart Lock

Resetting your Kwikset Smart Lock is important when you need to change your lock’s settings or if you want to change the user codes. Resetting will also help the lock function properly if it has been compromised, for example, in cases of vandalism.

Resetting your Kwikset Smart Lock has several advantages. First, it allows you to make changes or updates to your lock settings without having to purchase a new one. Second, resetting will help protect your property from intruders by restoring the previously compromised security. Read this blog post to learn how to reset kwikset smart lock.

How to Reset Kwikset Smart Lock

Step-by-Step Instructions for How to Reset Kwikset Smart Lock

Step 1: Inspect the Lock

Before you reset the Kwikset Smart Lock, it is important to inspect the lock and make sure that all components are properly functioning. If any part of the device is not working correctly, replacing it may be a better solution than resetting.

Step 2: Remove Batteries

Always remove the batteries for safety before resetting the Kwikset Smart Lock. If you do not have the necessary tools to remove the batteries, contact a qualified locksmith who can help you. 

If your Kwikset Smart Lock is connected to an external power source, disconnect it at this point. This will ensure no electricity is sent through the lock during the reset process.

Step 3: Reset Factory Defaults

Open your device’s Kwikset Smart Lock app and select “Reset to Factory Defaults” from the menu. Once you have done this, all settings and configurations will be wiped from the device. You will now be prompted to reconfigure the settings of your Kwikset Smart Lock. Enter the desired security preferences, such as a PIN code or fingerprint recognition, and tap “Save.”

Reset to Factory Defaults

Step 4: Test the Lock

Once all settings have been applied, testing the lock before use is important. Try unlocking and locking the door with your new settings to ensure everything works correctly. 

Once you confirm that the lock works properly, attach the batteries to the device. Make sure that they are installed correctly and securely before continuing.

Step 5: Connect the Power Source

If your Kwikset Smart Lock was connected to an external power source, reconnect it now. This will ensure that the device is consistently powered with electricity. 

The Kwikset Smart Lock app may prompt you to update the firmware on your lock. If so, follow the instructions to upgrade your device’s software and ensure it operates with the latest version.

Once all steps have been completed, you can enjoy a reset and optimized Kwikset Smart Lock! With your new settings applied, you can now safely and securely access your home.

Reset and Optimized 
Kwikset Smart Lock

Safety Tips for How to Reset Kwikset Smart Lock

  1. Always unplug and disconnect the power source before resetting the Kwikset Smart Lock.
  2. Never attempt to tamper with your lock’s internal components; this could result in serious damage.
  3. Ensure all batteries are securely installed before reconnecting the power source or turning on your lock.
  4. If you need help to reset the lock, contact a qualified locksmith for assistance.
  5. Always test the lock after resetting it before using it. This will ensure that all settings have been applied correctly.
  6. Keep an eye out for any error messages or prompts that appear in the Kwikset Smart Lock app.
  7. Finally, be sure to keep the firmware on your device updated to enjoy optimal safety and security.

You can confidently reset your Kwikset Smart Lock by following these steps and safety tips. With a well-functioning lock, you can securely access your home whenever possible.

Is it possible to Factory Reset Your Kwikset Smart Lock?

Yes, it is possible to factory reset your Kwikset Smart Lock. The process is fairly straightforward and can be done in simple steps. The first step is to remove the battery cover on the lock’s back. You’ll then need to press and hold down the program button for 10 seconds or until you hear a double chime. After the double chime, you can release the program button and insert two fresh AA batteries with the positive end facing up.

Next, hold the lock button for 10 seconds or until you hear a triple chime. This will indicate that your Kwikset Smart Lock has been restored to its factory settings. Once done, you must press the lock button again to complete the process. Finally, you should reattach your battery cover and test that the reset was successful by locking and unlocking your Kwikset Smart Lock.

Hold the Lock 
Button for 10 Seconds

How Much Time Should You Expect to Spend on the Reset Process?

The time it takes to reset a Kwikset Smart Lock can vary depending on the model you are using and your experience level. Generally speaking, though, the process should take about 15 minutes or less. It’s important to ensure you have all of the necessary tools and supplies before starting so that the entire job can be completed in one go.

The reset process for Kwikset Smart Locks is straightforward and requires a few simple steps. First, you must locate the reset button on the back of your lock. Once found, press and hold the reset button until it beeps or flashes. You may then release the reset button and enter your user code twice to confirm the reset.

Once the reset is complete, you can begin setting up your Kwikset Smart Lock with a new user code and any other settings you wish to customize. This includes features such as auto-lock, vacation mode, and more.

Can You Reset Your Kwikset Smart Lock Without the Assistance of a Professional?

Yes. It is possible to reset your Kwikset Smart Lock without the assistance of a professional. The process is simple and can be completed in just a few easy steps. The first step to resetting your Kwikset Smart Lock is to press the “lock” button three times. This will initiate the reset process. Once the reset process is initiated, you will be prompted to enter a 4-8 digit access code. This is the same code you used when setting up your lock. 

After entering your access code, you will be prompted to enter a new access code. This should be a 4-8 digit number that is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess. Once your new code has been entered, press the “lock” button again to save it. Keep the new access code confidential to ensure your lock stays secure, and only share it with people you trust.

Are There Any Safety Risks Associated With Resetting a Kwikset Smart Lock?

Resetting a Kwikset Smart Lock is safe if the instructions are followed carefully and diligently. It’s important to note that resetting a Kwikset Smart Lock will erase all previously set codes; using an incorrect procedure can also cause damage to the lock. Therefore, reading and following the manufacturer’s instructions is essential. Additionally, ensure that all components and settings are returned to their original states after completing the resetting process.

What Are the Benefits of Resetting Your Kwikset Smart Lock?

Resetting your Kwikset smart lock can offer several benefits, including improved security, enhanced convenience, and increased control over access to your home. The reset process also helps to ensure you’re in control of who has access to your property, allowing you to set new access codes or delete existing ones as needed. Additionally, resetting a Kwikset smart lock can help you troubleshoot any issues with its setup. Lastly, a reset ensures that all settings are returned to their default values so the device is prepared for a fresh start.

Including Improved Security
Enhanced Convenience


One of the major drawbacks of resetting the Kwikset smart lock is that it can be quite difficult to set up. Not only do you have to ensure that all the components are correctly connected and synced, but you also need to ensure all your settings are correct before using the lock. 

In conclusion, resetting your Kwikset Smart Lock is quick and easy. It only requires a few steps, and you can do it in minutes. With the right instructions, anyone can successfully reset their lock within minutes. By following these easy steps, you can safely reset your Kwikset Smart Lock and prevent any potential security risks. This article has been beneficial in learning how to reset kwikset smart lock. Make Sure the preventive measures are followed chronologically.

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