How to Reset Onity Key Machine

Do you need to reset an Onity key machine, but help with how? Are you a locksmith who is struggling to reset Onity key machines? As a property manager, you must know and understand any security risks associated with these machines.

Resetting Onity key machines can be daunting, but with the right knowledge and tools, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In this blog post, we will break down the process of resetting your key machine step-by-step so that you can get back up and running quickly.

How to Reset Onity Key Machine

We will provide simple tips on how to reset the onity key machine for correctly setting up your machine and general maintenance information so that you can avoid major errors in the future. Whether new to Onity machines or looking to improve your technique, this guide has something for everyone!

Necessary Items

To start, you must gather a few necessary items before resetting your Onity key machine. These include:

  • Key Machine Manual: Make sure to have the manual for your specific model of Onity key machine. This will provide important information and guidance on how to reset the machine.
  • Resetting Tool: Some models of Onity key machines come with a resetting tool, but if yours doesn’t, you will need to have one on hand. This tool is essential for resetting the machine.
  • Screwdriver: You will need a screwdriver to access certain key machine parts during resetting.
  • Replacement Parts (if needed): If your Onity key machine requires any replacement parts, ensure they are on hand before starting the reset process.

10 Steps on How to Reset Onity Key Machine

Step 1: Unplugging the Key Machine

The first step in resetting your Onity key machine is to unplug it from the power source. This will ensure that you do not accidentally shock yourself or cause any damage to the machine while working on it.

Step 2: Refer to the Manual

Next, refer to your key machine manual for specific instructions on how to reset your particular model. It’s important to follow these instructions carefully to avoid any potential errors.

Step 3: Removing the Covers

Using a screwdriver, remove the covers from the key machine. This will give you access to the internal components of the machine.

Using a Screwdriver for Remove

Step 4: Locate the Reset Button

Once you have removed the covers, locate the reset button on your key machine. It is typically located near the front of the machine and is labeled as “Reset” or “RST.”

Step 5: Press and Hold the Reset Button

Using your resetting tool, press and hold down the reset button for approximately 10 seconds. This will initiate the reset process.

Step 6: Wait for the Machine to Reboot

After holding down the reset button, wait for the machine to reboot. This can take a few minutes, so be patient.

Step 7: Release the Reset Button

Once the machine has completed its reboot cycle, release the reset button. This will complete the reset process.

Step 8: Replace the Covers

After completing the reset process, replace the covers on the key machine using your screwdriver.

Step 9: Plug in the Key Machine

Plug your key machine back into the power source and turn it on. This will ensure that the machine is functioning properly after the reset.

Resetting Your Onity Key Machine

Step 10: Test the Machine

Finally, test the machine by creating a new key and ensuring that it works properly. If you encounter any issues, refer to the manual for troubleshooting tips or contact Onity customer support for further assistance.

Resetting your Onity key machine may seem overwhelming, but following these ten simple steps can easily reset your machine without any major issues. Always refer to the manual for specific instructions and have the necessary tools and replacement parts on hand.

By regularly maintaining your key machine and following proper resetting techniques, you can ensure its longevity and avoid costly repairs in the future.

8 Maintenance Tips

To avoid having to reset your Onity key machine frequently, here are some general maintenance tips to keep in mind:

1. The Correct Power Source

to reset your Onity key machine frequently, plug it into the correct power source. Using an incorrect power source can cause damage to the machine.

2. Regular Cleaning

Dust and debris can build up inside the key machine over time, causing malfunctions. Regularly clean your key machine with a soft cloth and gentle cleaning solution.

3. Lubricating Parts

Lubricating certain parts of the key machine can also help to prevent malfunctions. Refer to your manual for recommended lubrication intervals.

Lubricating Certain Parts of the Key

4. Avoid Excessive Force

When creating or using keys, avoid using excessive force, as this can cause damage to the key machine. Follow the proper technique as outlined in your manual.

5. Keep Replacement Parts On Hand

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to have replacement parts on hand in case any are needed during resetting.

6. Regularly Check for Updates

Onity may release updates or patches for your key machine to improve its functionality and prevent errors. Make sure to check for updates and install them as necessary regularly.

7. Proper Training

If you are new to using Onity key machines, undergo proper training on using and maintaining the machine. This will help prevent errors and avoid costly repairs.

8. Contact Customer Support

If you encounter any issues with your key machine or are unsure about how to reset it properly, feel free to contact Onity customer support for assistance. They can provide valuable guidance and troubleshooting tips.

By following these maintenance tips and regularly resetting your Onity key machine, you can ensure its smooth operation and avoid major errors. With proper care and maintenance, your Onity key machine will continue to serve you for years.

We recommend purchasing all the materials and supplies needed and recording the maintenance carried out in your Onity Machine log book for future reference. If done safely and correctly, resetting your Onity Key Machine should be hassle-free and successful! Thank you for reading – now give it a try yourself!

Patches for Your Key Machine

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Reset My Onity Key Machine?

It is recommended to reset your key machine as part of its maintenance regularly. This can help prevent errors and keep the machine functioning properly.

How Often Should I Reset My Key Machine?

The frequency of resetting your Onity key machine may vary depending on usage and maintenance. Refer to your manual for recommended intervals or consult Onity customer support for further advice.

What Do I Do If the Reset Process Doesn’t Work?

If the reset process does not work, refer to the manual for troubleshooting tips or contact Onity customer support for further assistance. Avoid attempting to fix the issue alone, as this may cause further damage to the machine.

Can I Use Any Cleaning Solution on My Key Machine?

It is recommended to use a gentle cleaning solution specifically made for electronic devices. Avoid using harsh chemicals that can potentially damage the internal components of the key machine.

What Happens If I Don’t Regularly Maintain My Key Machine?

Failing to maintain your Onity key machine regularly can result in malfunctions and errors, ultimately leading to costly repairs or the need for a replacement machine. By following proper maintenance techniques, you can prolong the lifespan of your key machine and avoid any major issues.

Remember to always refer to the manual for specific instructions and safety precautions. If you encounter any issues, do not hesitate to contact Onity customer support for assistance. With proper care, your Onity key machine will be a reliable tool for creating secure keys for years. So, follow these steps and keep your key machine working well!


In conclusion, properly resetting and maintaining your Onity key machine is crucial for its longevity and smooth operation. By following the ten simple steps on how to reset onity key machine outlined in this guide and regularly implementing maintenance tips.

You can avoid any major errors and ensure your key machine continues to serve you effectively. In conclusion, resetting an Onity key machine is necessary but complex. As you can see, resetting the Onity Key Machine is a simple process and requires only a few basic steps.

It’s important to stay vigilant with the security protocols for any key you use or manage, such as ensuring regular resetting intervals. As always, if you have questions about any portion of the reset process or need help troubleshooting.

It’s best to consult Onity directly. It can be tricky to go through all the steps correctly; if not done properly, it could cause more harm than good to your machine.

We have broken down the process in this blog post, but we still encourage you to consult a professional for assistance. Ensure you understand the instructions and safety measures before attempting this process.

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