How to Change Alarm Sound on Alexa Without App

Changing the alarm sound on your Alexa device without using the app can seem daunting at first, but it’s actually quite straightforward once you understand the steps involved.

How to Change Alarm Sound on Alexa Without App

Whether you’re looking to wake up to a more pleasant tune or simply want to customize your device to better suit your preferences, this guide will walk you through the process.

By following the instructions on how to change alarm sound on alexa without app below, you can achieve your goal with ease and enjoy a more personalized Alexa experience.

What is Alexa?

Developed by Amazon

Alexa is a voice-controlled virtual assistant developed by Amazon. It can perform various tasks such as playing music, setting alarms, controlling smart home devices, and providing information, all through voice commands.

Alexa is available on various devices, including Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show.

The ability to customize alarm sounds is just one of the many features that make Alexa a popular choice among users. Let’s take a look at how you can change the alarm sound on your Alexa device without using the app.

Why Change the Alarm Sound?

The default alarm sound on Alexa may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some people may find it too jarring or repetitive, and others may simply want to switch things up for a change.

Whatever your reason may be, changing the alarm sound can add a personal touch to your device and make waking up a more enjoyable experience.

You can choose from a variety of sounds, including music from your Amazon Music library or alarm tones created specifically for Alexa. The process may vary slightly depending on the type of device you have, but the general steps remain the same.

But first, make sure your Alexa device is connected to your Wi-Fi network and that you have a stable internet connection. Now, let’s dive into the steps on how to change the alarm sound on Alexa without using the app.

10 Simple Step-by-step Guidelines on How to Change Alarm Sound on Alexa Without App

Step 1: Access Your Alexa Device Settings

To begin the process of changing the alarm sound on your Alexa device without using the app, you first need to access the device settings. This can be done by speaking directly to your Alexa-enabled device.

Simply say, “Alexa, open device settings.” Alexa will then respond with available options within the settings menu. Listen carefully to the instructions provided by Alexa, and be prepared to verbally navigate through the available settings to locate the alarm sound options.

Make sure to speak clearly and follow any prompts given by Alexa to successfully reach the desired settings.

Step 2: Choose Your Device

Once you have accessed the device settings, the next step is to specify which Alexa device you wish to change the alarm sound for. If you have multiple Alexa-enabled devices in your home, you will need to direct Alexa to the correct one.

To do this, say, “Alexa, choose my [device name].” Replace “[device name]” with the name of the specific device you want to adjust, such as “Echo Dot” or “Echo Show.”

Alexa will confirm your selection by repeating the device name. If you have named your devices uniquely (for example, “Bedroom Echo” or “Kitchen Echo”), be sure to use those exact names.

Once the correct device is chosen, you will be able to change the settings related to the alarm sound on that particular device.

Step 3: Navigate to Alarm Sound Settings

With the appropriate device selected, the next step involves navigating to the alarm sound settings. Instruct Alexa by saying, “Alexa, open alarm settings.”

Alexa Will Guide You Through

Alexa will guide you through the available settings related to alarms. Listen attentively as Alexa lists the options, which may include setting new alarms, modifying existing alarms, or changing the alarm sounds.

When you hear the option to change the alarm sound, say, “Select change alarm sound.” Alexa will then present you with a variety of sound options, and you can proceed to choose your preferred alarm tone.

This step-by-step verbal navigation allows you to customize your alarm settings without the need for the app, providing a seamless way to tailor your Alexa experience.

Step 4: Choose Your Alarm Sound

Once you have reached the alarm sound settings, Alexa will present a list of available options for your new alarm sound. These may include music from your Amazon Music library, pre-loaded alarm tones, or even celebrity wake-up calls. You can also choose to upload your own custom sounds through the Alexa app.

To select an option, say, “Alexa, choose [option name].” For example, if you want to use a song from your Amazon Music library, say, “Choose [song name].” Alexa will confirm your selection and set it as the new alarm sound.

Step 5: Preview Your Alarm Sound

If you’re unsure about which alarm sound to choose or simply want to hear what it sounds like before setting it as your alarm tone, Alexa allows you to preview each option. Simply say, “Alexa, play [alarm sound].” You can also ask for recommendations by saying, “What’s a good alarm sound?” or “Surprise me with an alarm sound.”

Chance to Find the Perfect Wake-up

This feature gives you the chance to find the perfect wake-up tune without having to go back and forth between settings. Once you have found an alarm sound that you like, simply say “choose [alarm sound]” to set it as your new alarm tone.

Step 6: Adjust the Volume

Before setting your chosen alarm sound, Alexa will prompt you to adjust the volume. This is important to ensure that you can hear and wake up to your desired alarm tone.

To change the volume, say “Alexa, louder” or “Alexa, quieter.” You can also specify a percentage level by saying, “Alexa, set volume to [percentage].” For example, if you want the volume to be 50%, say, “Set the volume to 50%.” Repeat these commands until you are satisfied with the volume level.

Step 7: Set Your Alarm Time

The Settings Are Customized to Your Liking

Once all the settings are customized to your liking, it’s time to set the actual alarm. You can do this by saying “Alexa, set an alarm for [time].” For example, if you want your alarm to go off at 7:00 AM, say “set an alarm for 7:00 AM.”

If you already have existing alarms set on your device, Alexa will ask if you want to replace or add this new alarm. Make sure to listen carefully and respond accordingly.

Step 8: Edit or Delete Alarms

If you ever need to make changes to your alarms or delete them altogether, simply say “Alexa, show my alarms.” This will bring up a list of all current alarms on that particular device.

To edit or delete an alarm, say “Alexa, edit [alarm name]” or “delete [alarm name].” You can also view all your alarms on the Alexa app and make changes from there if desired. 

Step 9: Test Your Alarm

Once all the settings are adjusted, it’s always a good idea to test your alarm before relying on it for your wake-up call. Simply say, “Alexa, set a test alarm,” and adjust the settings as needed when prompted.

This will give you peace of mind, knowing that your alarm is working properly and that you will be woken up at the desired time with your preferred sound.

Step 10: Repeat for Other Devices

If you have multiple Alexa-enabled devices in your home, you can repeat these steps for each individual device to customize the alarm sound for each one. This allows everyone in the household to personalize their own alarms without interfering with others’ choices.

Now that you know how to change alarm sound on alexa without app , you can wake up to your favorite tunes or celebrity voices every morning.

Keep in mind that these steps may vary depending on the specific device and updates made by Amazon, but this guide provides a general overview of how to customize your alarm settings using voice commands. Enjoy waking up to a personalized and enjoyable alarm experience with Alexa! 

Exploring Alternative Methods for Customizing Alarms

Using Voice Commands With Alexa

While using voice commands with Alexa is a convenient way to customize your alarm settings, there are other methods you can explore to tailor your wake-up experience.

One such alternative is utilizing the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet.

Using the Alexa App

The Alexa app offers a user-friendly interface where you can manage your alarms more comprehensively.

To start, open the Alexa app and navigate to the “Alarms & Timers” section. Here, you can create new alarms, adjust existing ones, and change settings such as alarm tone and volume.

To change the alarm sound, tap on the alarm you wish to modify, and you will find an option to “Sound” where you can browse through a selection of tones or choose a song from your music library.

You also have the option to upload custom sounds if the pre-loaded ones don’t suit your preferences.

Third-Party Integration

Another method to customize your alarms involves third-party integrations. For example, if you use smart home systems like IFTTT (If This Then That), you can set up applets that trigger specific actions when your alarm goes off.

These can include turning on smart lights to simulate a sunrise, brewing coffee, or even adjusting the thermostat to your preferred morning temperature.

Smart Home Hubs

If you have a smart home hub, you can integrate your alarm settings with other smart devices in your ecosystem.

This allows you to create complex routines that not only wake you up but also start your day seamlessly. For instance, configure your hub so that when your alarm sounds, your blinds open gradually, your morning news playlist starts, and the kettle heats up in the kitchen.

Tap on the Alarm You Wish to Modify


Exploring alternative methods for customizing alarms can dramatically enhance your overall wake-up experience.

Whether you choose to use the Alexa app, third-party integrations, or a smart home hub, you have the flexibility to craft a morning routine that suits your lifestyle perfectly.

Utilizing these methods in conjunction with Alexa’s voice commands ensures a holistic approach to managing your alarms, making your mornings both pleasant and efficient.

Troubleshooting and Tips

Even with all your alarms set and customized, there might be times when things don’t go as planned. Here are some troubleshooting tips and additional hints to help you ensure a smooth wake-up experience with Alexa:

Alarm Not Going Off

If your alarm doesn’t go off at the designated time, try the following steps:

Check the Device Connectivity:

Alexa-enabled device is connected to the internet

Ensure your Alexa-enabled device is connected to the internet. Without an active connection, Alexa may not function properly.

Update Software:

Make sure your device’s software is up to date. Sometimes, firmware updates fix bugs that could be affecting your alarm.

Reboot the Device:

Simply unplugging your Alexa-enabled device for a few seconds and plugging it back in can often resolve minor issues.

Alarm Sound Issues

If the alarm sound is too low or not audible, consider these tips:

Adjust Volume Settings:

Confirm that the volume is not muted or too low. You can adjust the volume through voice commands or the Alexa app.

Test Different Sounds:

Some sounds may play at different volume levels due to their nature. Try setting a different alarm tone to see if it resolves the issue.

Check Do Not Disturb Mode:

Ensure that your device is not set to “Do Not Disturb” mode, which can mute alarms and notifications.

Alarm Time Discrepancies

If your alarm isn’t triggering at the correct time:

Verify Time Zone Settings:

Make sure your device is set to the correct time zone. This setting can be adjusted in the Alexa app under Device Settings.

Recreate the Alarm:

Sometimes, simply deleting the problematic alarm and creating a new one can fix timing issues.

Multiple Alarms Management:

If you have multiple alarms set, ensure that there is no conflict or overlapping that might cause confusion.

General Tips

For a more efficient wake-up routine, try these additional tips:

Use Routines:

Combine alarms with Alexa routines to automate multiple tasks simultaneously, such as turning on lights or starting your coffee maker.

Backup Alarms:

Set a secondary alarm on another device or use a traditional alarm clock to ensure you wake up on time if there are any technical issues with Alexa.

Regular Reviews:

Periodically review and test your alarm settings to ensure they continue to meet your needs and function correctly.

By following these troubleshooting steps and tips, you can help ensure that your Alexa alarms work smoothly and efficiently, providing a reliable wake-up experience every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I Create Multiple Alarms for Different Days of the Week Using Voice Commands?

Yes, you can create multiple alarms for different days of the week using Alexa voice commands.

To do this, simply say, “Alexa, set an alarm for [day] at [time].” For example, you can say, “Alexa, set the alarm for Monday at 7 AM,” and then follow up with “Alexa, set the alarm for Tuesday at 6:30 AM.”

Alexa will store these alarms separately, and you can manage or modify them using either voice commands or the Alexa app.

This feature is especially useful for tailoring your wake-up times to match your varying schedules throughout the week.

Q: Can I Use My Own Music as an Alarm Sound?

Yes, you can use your own music as an alarm sound with Alexa. You can select songs from your library or upload custom sounds through the Alexa app’s “Sound” option when modifying an alarm. This feature allows for more personalization and increases the likelihood of waking up to a song that gets you motivated for the day ahead.

Q: Can I Set Different Alarms on Multiple Devices?

Yes, you can set different alarms on multiple devices with Alexa. Each device acts independently, so you can have separate alarms on each one without any conflicts. For example, if you have an Echo Dot in your bedroom and an Echo Show in your kitchen, you can set alarms for both devices without worrying about triggering them simultaneously.

Q: How Do I Turn Off an Alarm Without Using My Voice?

If you want to turn off an alarm without using your voice, you can do so through the Alexa app.

Open the app, go to “Reminders & Alarms,” find the alarm you want to turn off and tap on it. Then select “Stop” or “Snooze” to adjust its status as desired. You can also disable alarms completely through the device’s app settings. 

Overall, there are various ways to manage and customize your alarms with Alexa for a more personalized wake-up experience that caters to your specific needs and preferences.


Customizing your Alexa alarm is a straightforward process that enhances your daily routine by allowing you to wake up to sounds that are meaningful and enjoyable to you.

By following the steps outlined in this guide on how to change alarm sound on alexa without app, you can effortlessly tailor the alarm settings on any Alexa-enabled device in your home.

Whether you prefer to rise to a soothing melody, an energetic tune, or even a cheerful message from your favorite celebrity, Alexa provides a plethora of options to suit your preferences.

Moreover, the convenience of adjusting these settings through voice commands eliminates the need to fumble with apps or touchscreens, making the experience seamless and user-friendly. Embrace the power of personalized alarms and start each day on the right note with Alexa.

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