How to Hide Ring Camera Outdoor

Are you looking for ways to keep your outdoor Ring camera discreet, yet still be able to use it effectively? You’re not alone; many homeowners and businesses have similar concerns when installing security cameras outside. Fortunately, there are several strategies you can take to ensure that your camera isn’t visible while also providing the best coverage possible.

In this blog post, our experts will provide tips on how to hide Ring camera outdoor and give guidance on what techniques are most effective in different situations. Whether you’re trying to keep uncomfortable prying eyes away from your home or frequently worry about vandalizers damaging any equipment on site, we’ll have all of the answers you need – so read on!

How to Hide Ring Camera Outdoor

9 Best Ways on How to Hide Ring Camera Outdoor

1. Install on a Wall or in the Corner:

If you have an area between two walls that can accommodate your camera, this is one of the best ways to keep it out of sight. Not only will it be discreetly tucked away and protected from potential harm, but you’ll also benefit from the extra coverage that corner placement provides. This is one of the simplest ways to hide your Ring camera outdoors while still getting maximum protection.

2. Use Plants as Camouflage:

Adding some lush greenery around your camera can help it blend in with its surroundings and keep unwanted eyes away from it. This method works exceptionally well if you’re trying to hide a Ring camera that is mounted on the outside of your home or business, like near a door or window.

Using plants as camouflage also provides some additional security since they help to obscure the view of the camera from potential intruders.

3. Utilize Outdoor Fixtures:

Installing your Ring camera outdoors in an existing fixture can be a great way to add extra protection while keeping it out of sight. For example, you could install it in an outdoor light or mount it on the side of a tree. This way, your camera will have extra protection from the elements and be hidden among other common outdoor fixtures.

4. Place Behind Blinds:

If you want to hide your Ring camera but still need access to it occasionally, placing it behind blinds is one of the best solutions. You’ll be able to open the blinds when you need access to your camera, and then close them up afterward to keep it hidden from unwanted eyes. This is an especially effective method if your camera is located near a window or door that people pass by frequently.

5. Blend In With Your Home’s Exterior:

If your Ring camera is mounted on the outside of your home, you can try to blend it in with other exterior elements. For example, if your house is painted white, you could paint the camera to match so it looks like another part of the house and not stand out as a security device. This method works best when paired with others, such as using plants for camouflage or installing them in a corner.

Use Plants as Camouflage

6. Use Decorative Birdhouses:

Bird houses are a popular outdoor decoration, and they can also be used to hide your Ring camera while still providing easy access when needed. You can either purchase a birdhouse designed specifically for security cameras or customize an existing one with some minor alterations to fit the camera inside.

7. Install Underneath an Eave:

For Ring cameras that are mounted on the outside of your home, installing them under an eave is a great way to keep them hidden from sight while still providing adequate protection from the elements. This method also ensures that your camera has some extra coverage in case of severe weather conditions or other potential hazards.

8. Utilize a Camouflage Cover:

If you want to keep your Ring camera hidden but still have easy access to it, using a camouflage cover is one of the best solutions. These covers are designed specifically for security cameras and provide extra protection while keeping them out of sight. They come in various designs to match different outdoor decor themes, so you can find the perfect cover to fit your needs.

9. Place in a Fake Rock:

Another great way to hide your Ring camera and keep it safe from potential harm is to place it inside a fake rock. These rocks are designed specifically for security cameras and come in various shapes, sizes, and colors so you can find one that will blend in perfectly with your outdoor decor.

Plus, the extra protection provided by a fake rock will help keep your camera safe from vandalism or other potential hazards.

No matter what method you choose to use, following these tips on how to hide a Ring camera outdoors can help you keep your security system discreet while still providing the best coverage possible.

Birdhouse Designed
for Security Cameras

By taking the time to carefully consider your options, you can ensure that your camera is both functional and out of sight – protecting your home or business from potential harm.

Additional Tips and Tricks to Hide Ring Camera

1. If you want to hide the Ring Camera outdoors, using a wall mount can be helpful. Wall mounts allow you to place the camera in an area that does not draw attention, like behind plants or furniture.

2. Consider installing your Ring Camera in an inconspicuous corner of your backyard or balcony and mounting it with a bracket to keep it secure and out of sight.

3. If you want to hide the Ring Camera outdoors, try camouflaging it with a covering that matches its surroundings. This could be a garden flag or a piece of cloth that blends into your outdoor environment.

4. Consider using plants and foliage to create an opaque screen to obscure the view from the camera without blocking its view completely. That way, you can still see and record motion detected by the camera, but the device itself is obscured.

5. If you want to take it a step further, you could use a fake rock or other item that looks like part of your outdoor decor to cover up the Ring Camera. That way, no one will be able to tell where exactly the camera is situated.

6. Make sure that the camera is connected to power and has a strong Wi-Fi connection, so you can access your recordings remotely. Having a reliable connection will also ensure that the device doesn’t go offline at unexpected times.

7. Finally, when in doubt – contact Ring customer service for specific tips on how to hide your camera outdoors. They’ll be able to offer advice on the best placement and concealment methods based on your individual needs.

Installing Your Ring Camera

8. Consider investing in weatherproof housing for your Ring Camera if you plan to place it outdoors. This protective casing will ensure that your camera is protected from direct exposure to rain, snow, and other elements.

9. Additionally, make sure that any cords or wires connected to the Ring Camera are concealed as well. Tucking them away in a weatherproof box or conduit will keep them hidden and safe from potential tampering.

10. Furthermore, replace any broken parts on the camera for added security and peace of mind. Regular maintenance of your device will help ensure that it works properly and is securely placed.

Following these tips and tricks will help you successfully hide your Ring Camera outdoors. Keeping the camera out of sight will also help deter potential intruders and give you added peace of mind when it comes to security.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Weatherproof My Ring Camera Outdoor?

You can weatherproof your Ring Camera outdoors by using a waterproof enclosure or casing. This will protect the camera from rain, snow, and other elements that could potentially damage it.

Additionally, you should consider positioning the camera away from direct sunlight to help reduce overheating. Finally, make sure to inspect the camera regularly for any signs of damage, and replace any broken parts as soon as possible.

What Features Should I Look for When Buying a Waterproof Case?

When choosing a waterproof case for your Ring Camera Outdoor, you want to make sure it provides adequate protection from both water and extreme temperatures. Look for cases that are made of durable, weather-resistant materials and have sealed gaskets to keep moisture out.

Additionally, make sure the case is specifically designed for your model of Ring Camera, as it will fit securely and protect your camera from any bumps or scratches.

Can I Camouflage My Ring Camera Outdoor?

Yes, you can camouflage your Ring Camera outdoors to help it blend in with its surroundings. Choose a case that is the same color as the environment you are installing your camera in, such as green foliage for an outdoor woodland setting.

You can also attach natural materials to the case, such as twigs or leaves, to further help disguise it. Additionally, make sure to position the camera away from direct sunlight and keep it well hidden from any passers-by.

Camouflage Your Ring Camera Outdoors


In conclusion, properly concealing a Ring camera for outdoor security can prove to be a difficult and tedious task. However, it is essential to remember that the key to proper concealment lies in creativity and taking the time to invest in some form of camouflage.

If not taken into consideration, the position of the camera or lack of camouflaged features could attract unnecessary attention and make your device highly vulnerable to tampering or physical damage.

Work with what you have by utilizing different items such as planters or a decorative bird swim, strategically place cameras around trees or shrubs so that they blend into their surroundings while still remaining accessible, and selecting an appropriate wall mount location are all great ways to help make sure your Ring camera is well-hidden from prying eyes.

With these tips in mind, you’ll soon be on your way toward having an efficiently concealed surveillance system in no time! So get out there and start protecting the security of your home with how to hide Ring Camera Outdoor.

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