How to Barricade a Door With a Belt

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to protect yourself from potential intruders or hostile forces?

This can be an incredibly nerve-wracking experience, but luckily there is a straightforward solution: barricading your door with a belt! It may sound counterintuitive at first, but using an old belt to secure the entrance of your home or shelter can provide an effective and inexpensive way to keep out unwanted visitors.

How to Barricade a Door With a Belt

In this blog post, we’ll go over all the essential steps necessary for adequately barricading a door with a belt so that you can feel more confident and secure during difficult times. So, keep reading to learn more about how to barricade a door with a belt.

Is It Safe to Barricade a Door with A Belt

It is not a good idea to barricade a door with a belt for safety. As tempting as it might seem, this technique can be dangerous in an emergency. A belt does not provide adequate support and may give way if something heavy is being pushed against the door.

How to Barricade a Door With a Belt

Furthermore, you risk spending precious time unlocking the belt in an emergency if you are looking for ways to barricade your doors securely; instead, opt for locks or latches with strong bars or branches wedged in front of the door frame, which can stay put even when hard pressure is applied.

Steps on How to Barricade a Door with A Belt

Step 1. What to Prepare:

You’ll need to find a belt long enough to reach your door’s perimeter. Ideally, it should be made of a strong material like leather or nylon webbing and have several loops or buckles that can be easily secured.

Step 2. Securing the Belt:

Start by looping the belt around one end of the door frame and fastening it securely. Make sure to loop the strap through a nearby wall fixture or support beam if possible, as this will help keep it in place even when pressure is applied.

Next, thread the belt through each door’s handles and secure it at the other end of the door frame. Do this carefully and ensure the belt is not too tight, which may prevent you from opening the door in an emergency.

Step 3. Encircled the Bolted Arm:

Finally, take the end of the belt and wrap it around a door handle or arm bolt. This will help keep the belt in place while providing an additional security layer. Once you have wrapped it once, loop the strap through itself and secure it with a buckle or tie-off.

How to Barricade a Door With a Belt

Step 4. Test It Out:

Once your belt is secured, try pushing on the door to ensure it stays in place even when pressure is applied. If it wobbles or moves, readjust the belt and make sure it is tightly secured.

By following these steps, you can rest easier knowing your door is barricaded adequately with a belt. Keep in mind that this technique should only be used in emergencies; for long-term security, opt for locks or latches that provide more reliable protection against intruders.

Things Need to Consider Before Berricading a Door with A Belt

When it comes to barricading a door with something as simple as a belt, some essential considerations must be considered before doing so.

1. Check the Strength of A Belt:

Firstly, the strength of the belt should be considered. The belt should be strong enough to withstand any attempts at pushing or kicking the door open from either side. If the belt is too weak, it may not adequately secure the door.

2. Remove the Impeding Objects:

Secondly, any obstructions that might prevent the door from closing properly should be removed. Objects such as furniture and carpeting can impede the ability of a belt to hold a door closed effectively. Check to ensure no obstructions are in place before proceeding with the barricade.

3. Make a Way to Remove the Belt from The Outside:

Thirdly, consider how easy it would be to remove the belt from the outside of the door. If a person is able to quickly and easily unlatch or untie the strap, then it won’t serve its purpose, which is to provide security. Ensure that no weak points in your barricade can be exploited.

4. Check the Durability of The Belt:

Then, consider how long the belt will remain in place. If you are using a belt to secure a door for an extended period of time, make sure that it is strong enough and securely fastened so as not to come loose in the future.

How to Barricade a Door With a Belt

5. Make an Escape Plan for An Emergency:

Lastly, always make sure that you have an escape plan if you need to leave quickly. Have an alternate plan for getting out of the building or room if the barricade blocks access. This could include a window or other exit routes.

Considering these considerations, this simple technique can help provide some extra security in a pinch. However, it should not be relied upon as a long-term solution for door security and is only meant to be used in emergencies.

Warning Tips While Barricading a Door with A Belt

• Always inspect the belt before using it. Check for any tears or weak spots that could cause it to break while in use.

• Ensure that you have a secure anchor point. Attaching the belt to something sturdy, like a wall stud, will help ensure your barricade stays intact if someone attempts to push against the door.

• Don’t forget to lock the door before setting up the barricade. This will give you another layer of security to prevent someone from getting into your home or room.

• Use multiple belts if possible, providing more stability and strength against pushing or ramming attempts.

• Consider adding a secondary barricade, such as furniture, against the door. This will provide an extra layer of protection and make it difficult to break through the barricade.

• Make sure you know of any potential escape routes in case you need to evacuate quickly. Knowing your options can help you stay safe if an intruder attempts to break your barricade.

• Be prepared to call for help if someone tries to break in. Have a plan already established with family or friends who can come and assist you during an emergency.

• Finally, consider speaking with local law enforcement about the best way to secure your doors and windows for your particular situation. By following their advice, you can ensure that you have taken the necessary steps to keep your home and family safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is the Most Secure Way to Barricade a Door Using a Belt?

A: The most secure way to barricade a door using a belt is to loop the belt around the doorknob from the outside and then thread it through the handles of both sides of the door. Once you have threaded the belt through, tie it off securely so that it will be more difficult for someone to pull open the door.

Q: Can I Tie Multiple Belts Together to Make the Barricade Stronger?

A: Yes, it is possible to tie multiple belts together in order to increase the strength of the barricade. This can be done by looping each belt around an appropriate doorknob and then threading them through the handles on both sides of the door.

Q: Can Old Leather Belts Be Used for This Purpose, or Should Nylon Ones Be Preferred Because of Their Lack of Wear and Tear Over Time from Frequent Usage?

A: While leather belts can be used, nylon ones are preferable because they will not wear down as quickly from frequent usage as leather belts do. Nylon is generally more resistant to weather damage than leather so it will hold up better in the long run. Therefore, for maximum security and durability, nylon belts are highly recommended for use indoor barricading.


Barricading a door with a belt is an effective way to secure your home or building against intruders. It is best to use nylon belts due to their superior durability and resistance to wear and tear over time.

Multiple belts can be tied together for increased strength, but proper installation is important for the barricade to be effective. You can ensure your door remains secure against unwanted visitors with suitable materials and installation. Thanks for reading our post about how to barricade a door with a belt.

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