How to Use Simplisafe Key Fob

Are you looking to improve the security of your home while still having convenient access when coming and going? The Simplisafe Key Fob provides a great solution – it’s an easy way to gain keyless entry into your home with just the push of a button. With this single device, you can access all locks in your house — from doors to windows — without ever having to carry or worry about losing keys.

How to Use Simplisafe Key Fob

So, if you’re wondering how exactly this helpful tool works, read on for more information! In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to use Simplisafe Key Fob so that you can make sure your home is always safe and easily accessible at any time.

What is Simplisafe?

Simplisafe is a home security company that provides wireless, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) systems for your home. Their goal is to provide affordable and easy-to-use options for home security, allowing you to monitor and control your home’s safety with just a smartphone or computer. Simplisafe offers various devices such as cameras, sensors, and key fobs to help keep your home secure. Now, let’s dive in and discover how to use the Simplisafe Key Fob.

Step-by-step Guidelines on How to Use Simplisafe Key Fob

Step 1: Set Up Your Simplisafe System

Before you can start using your key fob, you must have a Simplisafe security system set up in your home. This involves purchasing and installing the base station and any additional sensors or devices that you want to use. The key fob is an add-on device that can be easily synced with your existing Simplisafe system.

Step 2: Sync Your Key Fob

To sync your key fob, you’ll need to have access to your Simplisafe account. Log in to your account and go to the ‘Devices’ section. From there, select the option to add a new device and choose the key fob from the list of available devices. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair your key fob with your system.

Pair Your Key Fob With Your System

This process usually involves pressing a button on the key fob and then entering a code provided by your Simplisafe system. Once successfully synced, your key fob will show up as an active device in your account.

Step 3: Set Up Your Key Fob Buttons

Your key fob has four buttons: Lock, Unlock, Home, and Away. You can customize the function of each button to suit your needs. For example, you may want to set the Lock button to arm your system when leaving the house and the Unlock button to disarm it upon returning. You can easily change these settings through your Simplisafe account.

Step 4: Using Your Key Fob

Now that your key fob is set up and synced with your system, you can start using it to access your home. Simply press the desired button, and your system will respond according to the function you have assigned to that button.

For example, pressing the Lock button while leaving the house will arm your system, while pressing the Unlock button upon returning will disarm it. The Home and Away buttons also have specific functions that you can assign, such as activating specific sensors or cameras.

Following these simple steps, you can easily use your Simplisafe Key Fob to access your home and keep it secure. This device provides a convenient and hassle-free way to control your security system, making it an essential tool for any Simplisafe user.

With the added flexibility of being able to customize button functions, the key fob truly offers a personalized experience. So why wait? Get your Simplisafe Key Fob today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a secure and accessible home.  So, go ahead and take the first step towards enhanced home security by setting up your Simplisafe system and syncing your key fob!  Happy safeguarding!

 Syncing Your Key Fob

Additional Tips and Tricks to Use Simplisafe Key Fob

  1. If you have multiple Simplisafe Key Fobs, you can assign different PIN codes to each one. This allows for more personalized and unique access to your security system.
  2. You can also set up temporary PIN codes for guests or house sitters using the Simplisafe app. This eliminates the need to give out your main PIN code and ensures that only authorized individuals have access to your home.
  3. Remember to replace the battery in your Simplisafe Key Fob when it starts to run low. This will ensure that it continues to function properly and provide you with peace of mind.
  4. If you have any issues with your key fob, such as it not responding or working intermittently, try resetting it by removing the battery and then reinserting it.
  5. Keep your key fob in a safe and easily accessible location, such as on your keychain or in a designated spot near your front door. This will ensure that you always have it on hand when entering or leaving your home.
  6. Consider adding additional sensors to your security system for added protection, such as motion detectors or glass break sensors. These can work in conjunction with your key fob to provide comprehensive security coverage.
  7. Don’t forget to regularly test your Simplisafe Key Fob and the rest of your security system to ensure everything is functioning properly. This will give you peace of mind and help identify any potential issues before they arise.
  8. In case of an emergency, such as a break-in or fire, remember to press and hold the panic button on your key fob for three seconds to activate an alarm. This will alert authorities and notify SimpliSafe’s monitoring center.
  9. If you no longer need a Simplisafe Key Fob, make sure to properly dispose of it by removing the battery and recycling both separately. This helps protect the environment and prevents any potential security breaches.
  10. Lastly, stay up to date on any new features or updates for your Simplisafe Key Fob by regularly checking the Simplisafe website or app. This ensures that you are utilizing all of its capabilities to keep your home and loved ones safe. 
Removing the Battery

Following these additional tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your Simplisafe Key Fob and enhance the security of your home. Remember to always prioritize safety and regularly maintain your security system for optimal performance. Now go ahead and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with owning a Simplisafe Key Fob! 

Precautions Need to Be Followed for Using Simplisafe Key Fob

  1. First and foremost, it is important to read the user manual provided by Simplisafe before using the key fob. This will help you understand its features and functions better.
  2. Keep your key fob out of reach of children or anyone who is not authorized to use it. It contains buttons that can easily arm or disarm your security system, so make sure it does not fall into the wrong hands.
  3. Avoid pressing multiple buttons on the key fob at once. This can confuse and may lead to incorrect commands being sent to your security system.
  4. If your key fob is lost or stolen, immediately contact Simplisafe customer support to have it deactivated. This will prevent anyone from using it to access your security system.
  5. Keep your key fob away from extreme temperatures, moisture, and direct sunlight. This can damage the internal components and affect their functionality.
  6. Do not attempt to disassemble or modify your key fob in any way. This may void the warranty and could potentially cause harm to yourself or others.
  7. Regularly check the battery level of your key fob and replace it when necessary. A low battery can affect the performance and range of your key fob.
  8. If you have multiple Simplisafe key fobs, make sure to label them clearly to avoid confusion. This will also help you keep track of which key fob belongs to each member of your household.
Avoid Pressing Multiple Buttons

Following these precautions will not only ensure the proper functioning of your Simplisafe key fob but also help maintain the security of your home. Remember, a key fob is a convenient and easy way to arm and disarm your security system, but it should be used responsibly.  So, always exercise caution while using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many SimpliSafe Key Fobs Can I Have?

You can have up to eight key fobs connected to your SimpliSafe system. This allows each member of your household to have their key fob for easy access and control of the system.

Do I Need a Simplisafe Key Fob If I Already Have the App?

While you can control your SimpliSafe system through the mobile app, having a key fob can be more convenient and faster. With the key fob, you don’t need to unlock your phone and open the app every time you want to arm or disarm your system.

Can I Use My Simplisafe Key Fob with Other Simplisafe Devices?

Yes, you can use your key fob with other SimpliSafe devices, such as the keypad and sensors. This allows for a seamless integration of all your security system components.

Can I Change the Buttons on My Simplisafe Key Fob?

No, the buttons on the key fob are pre-assigned and cannot be changed. However, you can customize their functions through the SimpliSafe mobile app, such as setting the lock button to also turn off your lights or open your garage door.


Now you know how to use SimpliSafe key fob and its benefits. With this convenient device, you can easily control your security system from anywhere in your home. Remember, you can have up to eight key fobs for multiple users, and it can be used with other SimpliSafe devices for a complete home security solution.

Make sure to keep your key fob within reach and regularly replace the battery to ensure it works properly. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a reliable and easy-to-use security system!  So, make the most out of your SimpliSafe key fob and stay protected at all times.  Happy securing!

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